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Birthday Parties

A Magic Show is a GREAT way to have a Birthday Party that will be enjoyed and remembered for a long time!  Jeff's Magical Birthday Party Show brings your child up front and center to help make the magic happen and to be the STAR of the show!  All of the kids will enjoy the magic and fun, and will have a great time at this special birthday celebration. 

Jeff offers a 30 minute magic show that involves the kids with a lot of audience interaction and a lot of laughs!  One special routine features the birthday child as he or she helps Magic Jeff do an amazing magic trick.  Everyone will be entertained so you can sit back and enjoy the show with the kids, or prepare for the next birthday activity while Jeff performs his show.

If you're looking for something to make your party extra special, Jeff also offers a 45 minute magic show that not only features your birthday child in the show for a special magic trick, but also brings up other children and gets your child's friends or siblings involved!  There's something special about being IN a magic show that kids will cherish for a long time, and this extended show gives more opportunities for more children to have this special experience, and of course your child is a STAR as well!

In addition to the magic show, Jeff can also make colorful balloon animals and hats as an added bonus for your party!  And, Jeff can magically produce a birthday present to create a magical moment to introduce the gift opening portion of the party.

Call Jeff TODAY to have a magical birthday party that your child and your family will treasure!

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