30 Minute Stand Up Magic and Comedy Show

     This is perfect when you need after-dinner entertainment for your banquet.  Jeff uses incredible magic routines that he has perfected over the years to bring laughter and amazement to your audience.  Spectators are invited to join him to help make the magic happen, and are always treated with respect and appreciation for their assistance.  Jeff carefully plans his show to fit your audience and your needs, to make sure it is an enjoyable experience that is just right for your guests!  

45 Minute Stand Up Magic and Comedy Show

  This is the same show as the 30 minute program, but Jeff talks a lot slower.  Hardly!  Jeff offers a fun, entertaining show that engages the audience through tapping into their sense of humor and their imagination, with hilarious comedy and amazing magic that guests will enjoy.  With the longer show, there is even MORE magic and comedy to inspire and entertain, creating magical experiences and memories that last long after your event is over!

Strolling Magic Up Close and Personal

 In addition to the Stand Up Shows, Jeff performs jaw-dropping sleight-of-hand magic right up close.  This is a great option for a cocktail hour, or as people are waiting for the dinner to be served.  Your guests will experience the magic right before their eyes, sometimes with their own items!  Don't worry, Jeff always returns what he borrows, in the same condition it was given in.  Tricks with finger rings, borrowed bills, coins, and other ordinary objects that somehow take on magical properties in Jeff's hands will astound your guests!